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Live Casino Bonus

In the past years, gambling in online casinos has increased in popularity. A serious part of this increase in gambling, is coming from the people that were used to gamble in a traditional offline casino. This could not be a surprise if we look at the benefits of gambling in an online casino. The first big benefit of gambling in an online casino is the possibility of gambling wherever you want. The accessibility of online casinos is much better than the accessibility of offline casinos.

All you need to have access to the online casino is a working internet connection and a device that could connect with the internet. This makes it possible to play in an online casino no matter where you are, the online casino is also every time of the day available. The opening hours from the online casinos are all 24 hours of the day. Online casino's make it possible to gamble at every time of the day.

The number of gambling games an online casino offers, is mostly a lot higher than the number of games an offline casino offers. This makes the game offer of online casinos, another benefit of online gambling. The fact that you can get bonuses that help you make profit, is another benefit of online gambling. In the end of this article we are going to discuss these bonuses.

Better play online!

With all this benefits, it seems almost impossible for people to continue gambling in the traditional offline casinos. But there are still a lot of people that prefer gambling in the traditional offline casino. The reason that is most heard among these people, is that they prefer the ambiance of the traditional casino. But the attendance of the live casino in online casinos is made to close this gap in ambiance. The live casino is a place where you can play table games in a traditional casino. You can follow the game in the online casino with a video connection. A lot of online casinos have started a live casino section in the last years.

Games that you can play are for example live poker, live roulette and live blackjack. The live casinos are fast growing sections of online casinos. In a lot of online casinos for instance live blackjack is already one of the most popular games of the whole casino. When you play live blackjack in an online casino, it feels almost the same as playing blackjack in a traditional offline casino. You play against a blackjack dealer with the same rules as in an offline casino. In some online casino's it also possible to communicate with this live dealer through the live chat function.

Profit from all the casino bonuses

The possibility of receiving a bonus is as is said a benefit of gambling in an online casino. In most of the online casino's new customers will receive a first deposit bonus. This first deposit bonus is mostly a percentage of bonus money on top of your fist deposit. The bonus money can in most cases been used on all slot games and table games. These bonuses can in most cases also be used as live casino bonus.

The live casino bonuses can earn you a lot of extra money with the live casino games. The first deposit bonus in Casino Casino is for example a doubling of your first deposit. The amount of bonus money can be up to 100 euro. In Casino Casino a first deposit bonus is not all you receive. Your second deposit in this online casino will also be doubled. So actually you receive a first and second deposit bonus.

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